I Think I could be a Missionary…

In 1993 GttN went on our first short-term missions trip to Mexico.  After that trip I remember telling friends, “I think I could be a missionary someday!”  Over the next four years we worked our full-time jobs and went on as many mission trips as we could.

At the same time we were very active in our local church.  We were on the missions committee helping to care for our missionaries.  We were leaders in the small group ministry.  To make a long story short … in 1997 we moved to Asia.

Changing Lives in Asia

Since then GttN have trained thousands of Bible school students and house church leaders Asia.  We have helped establish more than 250 house churches.  In addition to the United States we have also ministered in countries such as Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Sri Lanka, Scotland, Malaysia and Singapore.

We believe God wants to take our ministry and leadership to a higher level.  We believe He is saying this is the time to expand.  To accomplish this, in 2010 we moved Penang, Malaysia. This move positions us to continue our work throughout Asia.