What we do

Evangelical Leadership

Gateway to the Nations is a non-profit international Christian missions organization providing evangelical leadership and humanitarian aid.

We provide evangelical leadership by helping national pastors start cell ministry. To date we have translated and printed our cell training materials into four languages. We use the cell strategy to establish networks of house churches in areas where there are no local churches.

We have established a Bible school to train indigenous leaders. We are currently on the faculty of three other Bible schools and mentors several senior leaders in Asia.

Humanitarian Aid

We provide humanitarian aid to feed, clothe and educate the boys and girls in two children’s homes.  We provide food and clothing for lepers and widows who are considered outcasts of society.  We provide free medical care for people in remote villages.

We have worked with the United Nations to help implement their human trafficking awareness program. We also provide aid to victims of natural disasters, such as the Asian tsunami of 2004.

Making a Difference

With so many lost souls and so much suffering, such as hunger, poverty and neglect, ministry opportunities in Asia are nearly endless.  Gateway to the Nations is making a difference in Asia.

Here are some of the ways we are doing it:


We have translated and printed our leadership training materials in four Asian languages.

Children’s Homes

We support and oversee two children’s homes in rural Asia, including a home for girls rescued from infanticide.

Church Planting

Thousands of villages are still unreached.  Therefore, if you want to reach Asia with the gospel you must reach villages.  Our church planting strategy is to establish networks of village house churches based on the model found in the New Testament of the Bible.

Human Trafficking

We have partnered with the UNDP to implement their human trafficking awareness program throughout our network of house churches.

Leadership Training

Since 1997 we have trained more than 12,000 house church leaders.  In addition to this we are on the faculty of four Bible schools in Asia, including the one we started in rural regions in the year 2010.


We conduct medical camps that provide free medical care for people in remote villages who have no access to doctors or clinics.


Over the years we have established relationships with many wonderful ministries in Asia. Through our partnership with these ministries we help provide food, clothing and education to lepers, widows, orphans. We also provide humanitarian aid to victims of disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis.


Through well projects we provide fresh drinking water to entire villages.

We are making a difference in Asia and you can too by becoming a partner with Gateway to the Nations.